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People struggling with addiction often seek treatment for their physical and mental problems but neglect the spiritual side of their recovery. This mistake can be detrimental, as treatment of that nature only treats two-thirds of the problem. Christian alcohol rehab treats the whole person physically, mentally and spiritually.

Recovering alcoholics who take a faith-based approach to treatment are less likely to relapse and more likely to stay sober. Christian alcohol rehab has a high rate of success because it combines treatment with a spiritual component for true healing.

Individual counseling is an essential component of recovery. At a Christian alcohol rehab, patients can work one-on-one with their trained counselor to identify the psychological root of their addiction. Once the underlying motivation for using alcohol is discovered, patients can move forward toward healing. With the guidance of a counselor, patients can learn the tools they need to stay sober and live a healthier life.

Group counseling is another important part of treatment. At a Christian alcohol rehab, patients can share their experience with others in a safe atmosphere. Meetings are facilitated by counselors that guide group discussions and encourage patients to be honest with themselves and each other. Group members can learn from each other, gain support and share both concerns and encouragement.

The twelve-step program developed by Alcoholics Anonymous is often central to treatment at a Christian alcohol rehab. By working the steps, patients learn to let go of their problems and let God be in control of their lives. They learn to surrender to their Higher Power, make amends for past mistakes, help others and live sober lives. These steps are often combined with Biblical teachings and lessons learned from the life of Jesus Christ.

Patients at a Christian alcohol rehab are encouraged to attend church services regularly as part of their recovery. Addicts that attend church on a regular basis are less likely to relapse. Additionally, attending church with other patients helps create a sense of community and provides a safe, supportive environment for recovery.

Lastly, patients at a Christian alcohol rehab may receive faith-based substance abuse education. This component helps educate patients on the science of addiction. Patients will learn how alcohol affects their bodies and how the cycle of addiction occurs. This education is an important supplement to other counseling and is another tool that will help patients stay on track for a lifetime of sobriety.

Call us today at (919) 261-3497 in Durham, NC

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